During the beginning stages of transitioning to a vegan diet , we found it extremely frustrating that each time we visited a local Caribbean Eatery , they rarely had items that were fully vegan friendly! As a result , we would end up having to find somewhere else or leave with a small side dish , if we even got lucky! Honestly, that really takes away from the whole outside dining experience for those trying to not consume any animal products yet craving Island style cuisine! 
So that is were we come along. First founded in June 2019 as Dana's Divine Dishes , we were inspired to be able to provide our communities with cultural vegan food options and services, especially in areas that lack healthy food options. Our community has played a huge role in who we are today ! Our goal has always been to provide our guests with an enjoyable vegan dining experience that they will never forget and hopefully motivate them to eat healthier!
Our mission is to inspire more and more individuals to eat less animal products and motivate individuals to get more creative with cooking and eating plants and vegetables. This is still our everyday mission ! 


Chef Geannie
Born in South Florida and of Haitian background
First started her vegan/vegetarian journey 2020
Loves collaborating with other entrepreneurs, artists,  and creators