6 Beginner Tips for Those Going Vegan and Need Some Motivation

Updated: Mar 29

Making the choice to go vegan is the first step. Taking initiative to educate yourself and change your actions and perspective is the next and more challenging journey and will require much more effort, but don't back out now!

When I first decided to make the transition to a vegan diet, I was completely lost until I figured out WHY I was making this decision. Every time I ate meat and products that contained dairy , I would get terrible stomach gas. Eventually, I started to listen my body and decided to completely eliminate animal products from my diet and the cramping and terrible gas issues stopped... it was then when I felt more in control of myself and more in touch with myself and Mother Earth.. My why was for my health, for my future, how much I enjoyed feeling after a vegan meal.

TIP 1: Figure out your why! Your WHY is usually the driver of all your decision making. It tends to be the foundation of your journey and your reasoning behind why you're choosing to do what you do. Some people go vegan for the animals, the environment, their health, etc. Find your why and educate yourself so you have facts to support your reasoning and to feel more comfortable sharing about your journey with others.

TIP 2: Follow your favorite influencers, content creators, and add your own spin to their recipes!

My instagram and Twitter feed is full of videos from my favorite vegan content creators and chefs. They're usually showcasing new recipes, remixing childhood favorite recipes , or providing insight and tips on their journey which is so helpful and inspiring when I'm feeling stuck. Fix your algorithm and start following some influencers and engaging with their posts and followers as well. Surprisingly, other vegan pages are a great way to network with other vegans. It's like attending a meet up without having to attend but still being able to obtain valuable networks and connections.Slide in some DMS and get vegan friendly (safely)!

TIP 3: Gift yourself a vegan cookbook or start opening the ones in your home already ! Write down your favorite meals and start thinking of how you can substitute the animal products for vegan friendly products.

Try out some new recipes. Watch Youtube cooking videos. Research and experiment different techniques and cooking methods.Add your own spin to other recipes! First, I usually like to write down my favorite meals and find the vegan substitutes for necessary ingredients. This usually turns out pretty accurate but it comes down to finding the right product that you prefer the taste and texture of.So that's where experimenting comes along!

TIP 4: Connect with other likeminded individuals and attend local vegan themed events!

Solo or with the squad, GO TO THAT EVENT YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO GO TO! Vegan related events are a great way to connect in a safe space with other vegans. Nothing like having a tribe to lean on for support, advice, questions, or motivation. Step out your comfort zone and make some awesome new vegan friends.

TIP 5: Goal tracking! Create some goals each week and aim to be better than the week before.

Keep a journal or your notes app in your phone to keep track of your meals or goals for the week. I find it easier to meal pre for the week on Sunday and track my cooking and eating progress throughout the week. Then I would set intentional goals to make the next week even more productive.Note down what you enjoy or highly dislike. Write down your favorite ingredient combinations or a bomb sauce you made after messing up your initial. Journal whatever you seem helpful to you! Save photos from Pinterest and create your own style!

TIP 6: Be easy on yourself . Be patient , loving and kind to yourself!

If you slip, tomorrow is another chance to try again! I have found that positive self talk has made this journey extremely easier. When you show up for yourself and move with intent, you usually have more success than giving up! Take it one day at a time and try to stay positive. Remember this is your journey and not a race. Enjoy each day to the fullest and do what you feel is best for you and your body.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips! This is not the easiest choice but it's a very important choice and you should be very proud of yourself. All in all , I hope I can continue to provide you with recipes , tips , and motivation to maintaining a healthy vegan diet!